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Now that Zupnick Associates is integrated with the tech-savvy minds at BPM, replacing an entire HR department is easier than ever. Whether your operation is huge or growing, you can digitize paperwork, automate invoices and execute any administrative task from the comfort of your computer.

Our secure online portal helps you track new hires, disseminate data and ensure compliance from anywhere in the world. As Zupnick Associates handles HR on your behalf, things are delivered on time and always to the right parties.

For the first time ever, you can enjoy insurance brokerage, benefits administration in one place.

For Everyone, Everywhere


Seamless Connectivity

Zupnick Associates now bridges the gap between employers, carriers and payroll vendors. We’re your complete in-house, out-of-house HR department—without the hefty cost


Multi-Location Support

Businesses with complex benefits structures or multiple locations enjoy one unified online portal. We automate it all from eligibility management to invoice reconciliation


Dedicated Administrators

Our celebrated support staff is personally dedicated to your account, answering your calls by name and offering custom advice, attention and reporting on demand

Benefits Breakdown

Here’s how Zupnick Associates streamlines your company’s benefits administration, making complicated tasks surprisingly simple via BenefitPlan Manager

New hires and terminations,
demographics and more.

Rest easy as your automated administrator coordinates all data exchange with the Payroll System (vendor)

New hire
eligiblity tracking

Zupnick Associates automatically sends new hires a welcome email with enrollment instructions, as well as follow-up reminders. Then, monitoring the process is a breeze with complete HR tracking reports

Secure online
employee portal

Employees take the reins with an easy self-service homepage featuring enrollment, change of life events, plan features and costs, compliance notices, beneficiary designation and beyond

Carrier enrollment
changes via feed

Let the system handle carrier enrollment with paperless pleasure. Every change is directly reported electronically (and securely) to each carrier

Carrier enrollment

Your online administrator supervises carrier enrollment and eligibility, as well as regular audit enrollment


We’ll be responsible for COBRA notification, billing, collection and premium remittance for qualified beneficiaries


Stay up to date with Zupnick Associates’ complete eligibility monitoring including coverage termination and reinstatement


Ensure any changes are accurate as the system reconciles monthly invoices, tracks retro credits and coordinates with the carrier to amend discrepancies

Payroll deductions and
imputed income

Zupnick Associates ensures correct changes per payroll cycle (pre and post tax)

Allocation of
benefit costs

Stay accurate each month as Zupnick Associates allocates every carrier invoice to general ledger requirements


We’ll report all ACA required premiums, as well as PCORI and transitional reinsurance fee calculations

Forms 1094-C
and 1095-C

The system conveniently compiles eligibility and enrollment data, prepares the forms and e-files directly with the IRS Separate charges may apply

ACA initial, standard and
monthly methods

Enjoy hourly tracking, eligibility determination, as well as complete communication with employees based on lookback methods Separate charges may apply

participant support

Satisfy every employee’s needs as Zupnick Associates answers all your phone and electronic inquiries

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